About Us

elite-contracting-truck-vaElite Contracting Group, a VA Certified SWaM, was founded in Central Virginia by Scott Wray in 1996. Elite’s staff and capabilities have increased substantially over the years and we continue to grow, serving clients throughout the country and providing prime contractor services and support for America’s infrastructure.

We take great pride in self-performing the vast majority of our work so that we can have direct control over every project, from inception to completion, assuring a guaranteed outcome at a guaranteed price.

Safety is at the core of everything we do – there is nothing more important than making sure our customers, our staff, and everyone who comes into contact with Elite goes home safely every day.

When you contact us any time day or night, you are connected directly to an Elite team member who is there to support you, all the way up to the CEO, 24.7.365.


Scott Wray President/CEO

Scott Wray has extensive experience providing business management leadership, oversight and control of all business operations for Elite Contracting Group as the President and CEO of the company. He has been the owner of Elite since its inception in 1996 and has grown the company from a narrow focus on perimeter security to an industry leading Security and Resiliency Integrator employing over 120 individuals statewide. He has continually re-invested in the business, devoting time and effort to ensure that Elite Contracting Group provides the best service in the industry, with guaranteed outcomes at a guaranteed price. In addition to managing the business, Scott personally oversees the day to day operations and project management including parallel and concurrent projects across a wide geographical area including multiple service contracts for our clients. His day to day operations experience includes financial management, administrative oversight, staff recruitment and retention, infrastructure investment into equipment, tools, and facilities, and most importantly driving the attitude that we take to our clients every day.

Gary Schworm Vice President

Gary Schworm has over 25 years of experience with the Security, Resiliency and Transportation industry, working across the entire country for a variety of corporations specializing in multiple critical sectors. His experience includes Federal, State, Municipal, Commercial and Industrial markets across the US. He joined the Elite Contracting Group team as Vice President in 2008 and during that time has helped grow the business and transition our skills into the specialized area of integrated technology and construction solutions. He has had experience with multiple multi-year contracts providing guidance and leadership on hundreds of projects and tasks during that time. Gary and his team focus on the growth of Elite Contracting Group by establishing relationships with clients that we can service with our unique skills.

Mark Milicich Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Mark Milicich has over 34 years of military, homeland security and business expertise in both government and the private sector.  He joined the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in June 2003 and in July 2004, he was selected as the pilot Protective Security Advisor (PSA) with a primary mission of security for critical infrastructure. He played an invaluable role in developing a National Program from concept to deployment of 68 PSAs in 60 offices across America. As the PSA for Southern VA, from July 2004 to September 2014, he facilitated, coordinated, and performed vulnerability assessments for local critical infrastructure and assets and acted as a technical security advisor to federal, state, local and private sector officials. With a focus of security and resiliency for critical infrastructure, he supported National Special Security Events, other special events and incidents of national significance. He served in the U.S. Air Force (USAF) for 20 years. From February 1993 to October 2000, he served as the USAF Team Superintendent/Naval Warfare Liaison at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.  After retirement from the USAF, from October 2000 to June 2003, as a Series 7 & 63 Securities License holder, he worked for a financial company researching, analyzing, and trading equities. Also, as a contractor, he trained new DHS Transportation Security Administration employees to run security checkpoints at national airports across America and was a Vice President for a printing company. He holds the ASIS Certified Protection Professional credential.

Jim McCullough  Business Development Team Leader

Jim is a successful leader with over 20 years of experience identifying new business opportunities throughout a wide range of sectors, including Transportation and Water/Wastewater. He is a successful Project Manager with two decades of experience and unparalleled commitment to exceptional client service. He is skilled at identifying and collaboratively delivering successful client focused solutions in real world CIKR operating environments. Jim’s approach to business development focuses on accurately defining the need and then empowering his team to successfully deliver on schedule and within budget. The foundations of this approach include facilitating comprehensive communication across the entire project team; providing transparency to the client at every state of the project lifecycle; and guiding the team in using well established best practices to minimize risk. His project experience ranges from small local projects of all types to mega projects around the world like the Taipei Red Line Subway and the Boston Central Artery (Big Dig). He currently serves on the Board of Directors for several industry associations.

Chris Grubbs Program Manager

Chris Grubbs has over 7 years of providing highly motivated, results-driven, project/systems account management for Elite Contracting Group. As a critical Program Manager and sales-business leader with a solid history of on-time, on-budget project delivery, Chris also excels at providing concurrent management of multiple large business systems, and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. He understands the important nature of effective communication strategy with large project teams at all organizational levels, and maintaining strong customer relations while ensuring business objectives are met. Chris has overseen hundreds of projects for Elite from critical security sites to large infrastructure upgrades while demonstrating the capability of meshing customer driven deadlines with crucial budgetary concerns to demonstrate the supreme value he and Elite Contracting Group provides to our clients.

Mary Wray Administrative Manager

Mary Wray has supported the business administration of Elite since its inception. With a background in insurance, administration and finance she has helped manage the finances, payroll, human resources, insurance, and other business requirements of Elite throughout growth of the organization. Her team manages all of the day to day general business affairs of Elite including operations at HQ in Petersburg as well as multiple facilities. She also manages the general business affairs of individual projects and contracts working closely with our field project management teams to make sure projects have the support required to be successful.

Guy Browder Operations Manager

Guy Browder has over 25 years of experience including 16 years of plant operations and management and 6 years of field construction installation, supervision and client interface. He has leveraged this experience to provide a unique outlook on the daily operations of Elite Contracting Group with the overall goal of continually finding better ways to increase efficiency and quality of work. As the Operations Manager he is responsible for the management and supervision of all of our materials, labor, equipment, safety controls, and resources necessary for the delivery of a project to each client. Guy has direct supervisory control of Elite operations with direct reporting to the President of Elite. Guy understands the critical role his position plays in providing an excellent solution to any clients needs and continually works to refine the operational control and installation management process to provide a guaranteed outcome that our customers are looking for.

Jonathan Pahl Safety Manager

John Pahl has over 7 years of operational safety experience in the highway construction, manufacturing and maintenance industry which acts as an invaluable resource to Elite Contracting Group and our customers. John’s extensive experience includes establishing new health, safety and environmental programs along with updating or revising current programs. He has provided critical safety and operational hazard support for utility providers, chemical facilities and other high risk manufacturer operations. John has a proven track record of reducing occupational accidents and injuries through training, behavior modification, and job site audits. John provides the crucial foundation for all projects Elite performs by ensuring that each jobsite is safe prior to and during work and making sure all company employees understand the critical roll safety plays in the success of Elite Contracting Group.

Chris Tillman IT Team Leader

Chris Tillman is an IT industry expert with over 20 years of experience as a networking and computer systems engineer providing robust and secure application solutions for clients. Chris has been with Elite for over 3 years, helping to improve our internal IT related systems while also expanding our capabilities for delivering world class IT security solutions to our customers as an integrated part of Physical and Cyber Security business. He has a number of IT related professional certifications including Microsoft MCSE, MCP+I, Cisco CCNA, CompTIA A+ and Server+ while also holding specialized industry certifications for AMAG Symmetry and Fiber Optic Technician. Chris understands the importance of IT security in the rapidly evolving world of technology and utilizes his considerable skills and knowledge to harden our client’s Security and IT related systems from intrusion.

Forrest Heinle Systems Engineer

Forrest Heinle has over 8 years of experience providing sales and systems engineering support to Elite and our clients for critical security and communication systems applications. Forrest has received training in a number of crucial perimeter and physical security systems including various perimeter intrusion detection technologies, video management systems such as Milestone and Pelco Endura while also specializing in Access Control Technologies from AMAG and P2000. In addition to security related skills, he also has high levels of experience with networking and fiber based communication systems with a background in IT technology. Forrest has designed and overseen the deployment of multiple fiber distribution networks for security applications throughout Virginia and understands the crucial role that physical security and IT technology play in today’s integrated communication and access systems.

Heather Alvarez Program Administrator

Heather Alvarez joined the team shortly after the implementation of the Southeastern office in Virginia Beach. Her extensive background in administrative roles include the ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, exceptional record maintenance skills, admirable ability to solve problems, excellent coordinating skills and the ability to make administrative and procedural decisions and judgments with sound commitment to customer service. Heather’s use of previous experiences and relationship building skills have made her an integral part to the overall activities surrounding the daily program requirements. Her ability to properly report real time status updates for the project, coordinate and implement statewide processes needed to support the regional management teams, oversee inventory management required to maintain dedicated support of the customers equipment, and continued customer relations in support of the various regional and headquarters offices throughout the state, set her to be a strong team leader and program administrator.

Mitch Richmond Regional Manager

Mitch Richmond is a respected member with over 12 years of experience with Elite Contracting Group. His job duties have included Project Team Leader for various regional projects, Team Foreman for multiple perimeter security projects and currently Regional Manager with a focus in the Northern Region. Using this knowledge and experience, Mitch has been integral in implementing new processes and procedures for the day to day operations regionally as well as Statewide consideration. Mr. Richmond’s knowledge of team building, management style and overall operations has allowed him to promote and provide additional training to ensure the quality of customer service is always at the forefront. Mitch works directly with other regional managers, supervisors, technicians, and various program management members to ensure the quality of in the field training and support across the region. Mitch’s well-rounded experience, commitment to service, attention to detail, and interpersonal skills makes him a valuable asset for Elite and our customers.

Mitch Upton Regional Manager

Mitch is an extremely accomplished Project Manager with over 10-years of transportation project experience. As Elite’s Senior Project Manager, Mitch is directly responsible for managing materials and personnel across a number of projects and work orders. He brings a depth of practical hands-on experience in field work and logistics that benefits every project he manages. Mitch not only leverages his substantial experience and knowledge of how to get ITS Maintenance accomplished, he brings firsthand knowledge of what needs to be done and why. This experience provides a strong basis for evaluating trade-offs to make challenging maintenance management decisions. Mitch is an exceptional communicator working equally well with client stakeholders and maintenance team personnel.

David Nies-Berger Regional Manager

Master Electrician and Network+ certified Network Administrator David Nies-Berger provides team leadership and hands-on technical expertise on Elite’s technology projects. David brings exceptional experience to the team in project leadership, troubleshooting, planning and project execution of electrical and communications projects. Also, as a seasoned member of Elite Contracting Group, David is fully aware of the hazards and procedures involved with conducting work on the highway project right-of-ways. Using his background and years of experience, David has continued to grow as a valued member of the team. His current role as a Regional Manager allows for direct input for maintaining growth and innovation while continually showing dedication to outstanding customer service.

Bob Yates Regional Manager

Robert “Bob” Yates is a seasoned ITS Maintenance Manager who has the added benefit of local knowledge of the Southwest region of Virginia, a deep understanding of VDOT, and direct subcontracting management experience with our partners. Bob joined VDOT in 1977 as a field technician and over his career has worked his way to increasingly responsible positions, knowledge, training, and development within the organization. His experience has been extensively focused in the signal and ITS fields including direct hands on experience and extensive positions of management and trust in multiple positions. Since 2008 he has filled the role of Regional Operations Project Manager, VDOT, Southwest Region where he directly supervised and supported the design, implementation and maintenance of the ITS field assets in the region. Bob recently retired from VDOT and joined the Elite Team bringing with him nearly 40 years of experience that allows him to focus his efforts on managing his region.