About Us

elite-contracting-truck-vaElite Contracting Group, a VA Certified SWaM, was founded in Central Virginia by Scott Wray in 1996. Elite’s staff and capabilities have increased substantially over the years and we continue to grow, serving clients throughout the country and providing prime contractor services and support for America’s infrastructure.

We take great pride in self-performing the vast majority of our work so that we can have direct control over every project, from inception to completion, assuring a guaranteed outcome at a guaranteed price.

Safety is at the core of everything we do – there is nothing more important than making sure our customers, our staff, and everyone who comes into contact with Elite goes home safely every day.

When you contact us any time day or night, you are connected directly to an Elite team member who is there to support you, all the way up to the CEO, 24.7.365.


Scott Wray CEO/President

Scott Wray has extensive experience providing business management leadership, oversight and control of all business operations for Elite Contracting Group as the President and CEO of the company. He has been the owner of Elite since its inception in 1996 and has grown the company from a narrow focus on perimeter security to an industry leading Security and Resiliency Integrator employing over 120 individuals statewide. He has continually re-invested in the business, devoting time and effort to ensure that Elite Contracting Group provides the best service in the industry, with guaranteed outcomes at a guaranteed price. In addition to managing the business, Scott personally oversees the day to day operations and project management including parallel and concurrent projects across a wide geographical area including multiple service contracts for our clients. His day to day operations experience includes financial management, administrative oversight, staff recruitment and retention, infrastructure investment into equipment, tools, and facilities, and most importantly driving the attitude that we take to our clients every day.

Business Operations Team – The operations team is responsible for delivering your project with the highest quality standards in the safest possible conditions.In addition to a project manager who will be assigned to the project, we have a full staff of administrative, finance, human resources, safety managers, engineers, technicians, installers and front line service providers who all have a singular focus – a satisfied customer. We will meet with your team, and review the agreement to be certain we are starting the project with the correct foundation, attend meetings and provide team support to other project stakeholders. Our teams utilize a unique process for resolving challenges by focusing first on minimizing the complexity and impact of the challenge, then focus on the safest, smartest solution that will result in the best outcome with the least impact. Once the project is complete, we maintain a 24.7.365 Elite Force Service team to be certain that your systems are maintained for optimum system performance. Our mission is to stay connected with our clients for the long haul.

Gary Schworm Executive Vice President

Gary Schworm has over 25 years of experience with the Security, Resiliency and Transportation industry, working across the entire country for a variety of corporations specializing in multiple critical sectors. His experience includes Federal, State, Municipal, Commercial and Industrial markets across the US. He joined the Elite Contracting Group team as Vice President in 2008 and during that time has helped grow the business and transition our skills into the specialized area of integrated technology and construction solutions. He has had experience with multiple multi-year contracts providing guidance and leadership on hundreds of projects and tasks during that time. Gary and his team focus on the growth of Elite Contracting Group by establishing relationships with clients that we can service with our unique skills.

Business Development Team – The Business development team is responsible for understanding the needs of the client, developing a variety of solutions that meet the technical, financial, and procedural requirements, presenting that in a format that is thorough, and easy to understand. The process is consultative and may include site visits, meetings, and interface as needed to be sure we are delivering the solution you need. During the contract phase our team will work with you to be sure we have a fully executed agreement that is aligned with the project and your business requirements. Our team provides a transparent portal into all of the details you want to see for your work. Once the contract has been executed, the business development team will be responsible for the transition of the project to our operations team for a safe and high quality execution of the work. During the execution of the project the business development team remains available to assist with contract changes, dispute resolution, or any other support that may be required. Our mission to deliver a solution that meets your needs with the highest standard of quality.