Safety Always


Elite is a member of the National Safety Council and employs a dedicated safety staff, including a full time Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Manager. Our EH&S Manager ensures we maintain our strong safety culture through; conducting safety site visits, tracking safety statistics and ensuring our employees continuously receive the latest safety training.

We comply with all Federal, State and local regulations, but we believe these are the absolute minimum regulations, which is why we continuously implement both internal and external industrial best practices to ensure we achieve the best safety performance possible. It is through employee empowerment and involvement in our Environmental, Health and Safety Program that this level of commitment exists. This translates to safety being incorporated into every aspect of our operation, which in turn allows us to ensure the safety of our clients, employees, subcontractors and members of the general public during the duration of our work.

As a company it is a great source of pride that we have maintained a proven track record of obtaining a high level of safety performance. Our employees have logged thousands of man hours while working in high-risk sectors while not sustaining any fatalities or life altering injuries. Moving forward our employees will continue to ensure this level of performance is upheld.

At Elite Contracting Group, safety is a core value. This core value is embraced by our CEO, Scott Wray and is carried throughout the company by every individual employee.  The safety and well-being of everyone will never be compromised. When it comes to safety, Elite has one simple philosophy: safety always.